All about PJs - Free Pattern Round Up

All about PJs - Free Pattern Round Up

All about PJs - Free Pattern Round Up

Alice from Queen of Darts

I’m back today with another little pattern round-up, this time on free pyjama patterns. Whilst my summary below will focus on kids PJs, there will be some mention of patterns for grown-ups PJs, too, because, who doesn’t like matching PJs?


As Freya approaches her first birthday and becomes increasingly mobile, I feel that she is outgrowing the sleepsuits (aka onsies) that we once loved. You know those snap closures that were so easy to pop open and close for nappy changes? Almost overnight, they turned into a challenge as we chase her around (and sometimes out of) the room to dress her. She is ready for some proper PJs! 


Of course I was going to make her her first set of PJs, and this adorable Minnie interlock was the obvious choice! It is incredibly soft, easy to sew, and the slight to medium stretch makes it so comfortable to wear.



I’m so pleased with the little set, and to report that Freya absolutely loves her new PJs, too!


Want to make your own?

Personally, I really like interlock for PJs, but you’ll get more print options with cotton jersey. How about this dream maker’s print, or constellation jersey? Or this sweet snowflakes jersey for the festive season?

Or, if you prefer wovens, this Sweet Dreams cotton or the Mommy and me fabric are perfect PJ material (pun intended). And if you prefer a more classic look for grown-ups, how about this gorgeous tartan?

Next, the patterns.


Best free pattern - Jersey


The pattern I used was the Movie Night PJs by Sew A Little Seam. I have nothing but praises for this versatile pattern. For starters, it is FREE when you sign up to the Facebook group. 

It’s such a classic design, and comes with so many options! What’s more? You can make matching options for Men, Women, and your pets, all for FREE. I seriously can’t think of anything cuter than matching PJs for the whole family.


So at the risk of peaking too soon, I highly recommend this pattern! It was a dream to sew up, and the sizing is spot on (I made it in 12-18 months, so it is a little big for now). I can see myself sewing up lots of these with the various options in the years to come.


Best free pattern for colour blocking - Jersey


The Grow With Me PJs by Ellie and Mac are completely free, and are definitely on my list to sew, too. What sets this pattern apart are the grow-with-me options (which I’m sure every parent would appreciate), the nightgown option, and all the possibilities that colour blocking provides.


Best pattern for sleepsuits


Freya has been rocking her onesies for almost a whole year, and although they present some challenges now, they were a godsend for months and months before she became too curious and mobile. This one is not free, but Peekaboo Patterns has the Snap PJs and having seen so many cute versions, I am convinced that it is worth every penny!


Best PJ bottoms – woven


Want to make PJ bottoms, but rather work with woven?


No problem! I’ve found a free pattern for you, again with matching options: Walk the Plank PJ bottoms by Patterns for Pirates, with both unisex youth and adult options, in full length and shorts length.


Honourable mentions

Two other free patterns made the shortlist, so I thought I’d include them here in case they offer what you are looking for.

For something a bit different, here’s the Little Kid Kimono Set by Titchy Threads. Although it is a free pattern, it is only in size 0-3 months. I think it would be a lovely gift for a new baby!


Finally, if you live somewhere warm, the Coconut Summer PJs could be for you. The sleeveless tanks are perfect for showing off those chubby arms!


I hope you’ve enjoyed the little round-up, and all those (mostly free) patterns have got your sew-jo flowing! Don’t forget to show off your makes on our Facebook group!


Alice from Queen of Darts

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  • Freya looks a adorable. LOVE the pjs she’s wearing ❤

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