Double gauze fabric - sewing ideas for kids clothes

Double gauze fabric - sewing ideas for kids clothes

Double gauze fabric - sewing ideas for kids clothes
Shall we talk double gauze today? When someone mentions double gauze or muslin, the first word that comes to mind is dreamy. Double gauze is made from 2 layers of loosely woven cotton tacked together at intervals, and is, as a result, deliciously soft, light, breathable with a beautiful texture. 
Whilst double gauze is a relatively new, albeit ever popular, kid on the block when it comes to fabric shopping and sewing, I would challenge you to find any mum to a little one who does not know what double gauze or muslin is. In fact, most mums (myself included) could probably take a muslin square out of their handbag/pocket/hand like some sort of magic trick! Naturally, therefore, I wanted to make a little outfit for Freya with this stunning double gauze fabric as soon as I saw the fabric, and today, I will stick with project ideas for kids. However, it really is such a versatile fabric, that works just as well for grown-ups, but perhaps we could save that topic for another time. 

I made the Ikatee Milano dress (older version also available) for Freya here, and am so pleased with how it's turned out. It is beautiful and girly, and really suits Freya (but I am biased). You probably know my soft spot for Ikatee Couture patterns already - remember the bunny-eared jacket here?  

I was attracted to the Milano dress as soon as it came out, but truth be told, for a while, I sat on the fence. I knew that a pinafore dress was pretty straightforward to make - you have a rectangular gathered skirt, a rectangular bib, and some rectangular straps and optional pockets. I had grand plans of drafting my own pattern and making it from scratch, but you know what?

I did not have the energy or time to be measuring, estimating and trialling the proportions, so decided to buy it after all. 

It's definitely not a decision that I regret one bit! I love all the options and details that come with the pattern, including different pocket options, knotted straps, the ruffles and piping. For Freya's dress, I chose the short pockets (which are still plenty big), the ruffles (obviously), and fixed straps at the front. Based on her measurements, plus a little bit of room for growth, I cut the size 4 width and size 3 height. 

The instructions were good, and there was also a video option available. The only part that I didn't like was having to unpick the waistline at the end to thread in the elastic. This feels counter intuitive (the purist in my thinks that sewing something from scratch should not include the need to unpick previous steps to create an opening, unless it was basting which is supposed to be temporary), but other than this, I was happy with the instructions. 

I hope you can really see the beauty of this double gauze here. I adore the gold speckles! Speaking of the speckles, a quick word of warning -- if you are lucky enough to get your hands on this fabric (or one with a different colour), make sure you iron on a low to medium heat (rather than the cotton setting), over a pressing cloth. Otherwise you might have some beautiful speckles on your iron... 

The step that I did struggle a bit with was the rolled hem on the ruffles - the stitching, if too close together and too narrow, would break the edge of such a delicate and loosely woven fabric. It took a bit of trial and error here, but less dense and wider stitches on the overlocker did the trick. 

I also made a small change to the location of the buttonholes on the back of the straps. I included 2 sets, as a grow-with-me option, and they were on either side of the original buttonhole location. 

OK, other than a sweet, ruffly, girly pinafore dress, what else can you make for my kids/grandchildren with double gauze? I've got a few ideas for you. 
A simple gathered skirt in 3 lengths, and there's a matching grown-up version too! 

Free idea #2 - Olli by Misusu
Free if you join the Facebook group. This includes shorts and trousers options, and would be lovely for boys and girls. 

Not free but worth it idea #1 - Waves & Wild Wild & Free dungarees
For those who haven't heard, Made by Jack's Mum has recently relaunched (following the move to Australia) as Waves & Wild. The Wild and Free dungarees are so playful, and perfect for double gauze fabrics! 

Not free but worth it idea #2 - Ikatee Madrid
This is a jumpsuit/playsuit/dress pattern in one! It also has amazing ruffles. 

Have I inspired you to have a go at sewing with double gauze? It's such a lovely option for the summer months. I'm seriously plotting some double gauze goodness for myself as well, but let's chat about that another time. ``

You can see Flamingo Fabrics Double Gauze collection here <<<

Thanks for reading! Take care and stay well. 
Alice from Queen of Darts

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  • What a lovely post and the pinafore is beautifully sewn. I am looking for a pattern for an adult size pinafore dress for an older lady who is struggling to find something loose and comfortable after intensive surgery. Do you have any suggestions for where I should look please?

    Veronica on

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