Quick & Easy Christmas Sewing Project: Fabric Advent Calendar

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Looking for a quick and easy Christmas sewing project?

Our fabric advent calendar is a perfect choice! This beginner-friendly Christmas sewing project is not only a fun Christmas craft activity but also makes an easy handmade Christmas gift. 

Follow our step-by-step tutorial and instructions below to create a beautiful fabric advent calendar that adds a festive touch to your home.

Materials You Will Need:

1. Printed fabric advent calendar panel - available here
2. Plain backing fabric - available here

3. Fusible interlining or wadding
4. Thread - available here

5. Pins

6. Iron

7. Sewing machine

Fabric Advent Calendar Instructions:

1. Cut out all the pieces. You will have one long main panel, 4 border panels and 3 hanging tab pieces. 

2. Fold the fabric in to match the design, pin and baste stitch the sides. Iron and stitch over the printed lines to create pockets.

3. Take 2 border pieces and attach them to the sides of the advent calendar first. Make sure to start with sides not the top or bottom. All 4 border pieces are the same length. Align the right side of the border piece and the right side of the main panel and sew. Press and trim the excess as the border strip is slightly longer than the panel. Once both side borders are sewn then attach the top border and bottom border panel.

4. Take x3 hanging tab pieces, fold edges to the centre, press then fold in half and press again. Straight stitch along the edge to secure.

5. Pin your hanging tab pieces to the front of the advent calendar panel then stitch to secure.

6. Use the advent panel as a template to cut fusible interlining or wadding of your choice.  Attach the interlining to the back of the advent calendar panel.

7. Lay the advent calendar panel and backing fabric right sides together. Pin into place. Sew around to secure, leaving a gap for turning. Turn the advent calendar right sides out then press.

8. Top stitch around the whole panel to secure everything together and your advent calendar is complete.Happy sewing! 

We hope you enjoy making this simple sewing project.

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Happy sewing!

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